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SUN Specialty Products has been serving the exploration and production industry for 40+ years by providing the highest quality specialty products to improve efficiency, reduce non-productivity, and increase reservoir value. For over 40 years, SUN has obtained multiple patents, introduced highly efficient methods of recovery, and has continually honored their commitment to provide leading-edge solutions for down-hole problems. More recently, however, SUN Specialty Products has rebranded to show how much...
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The objective of the Cost Neutralization Proposition is to offset the costs of adding FracBlack HT or OmniProp by measured reductions of the fluid and proppant volumes specified in the base fracture treatment design. The so-called proppant intensity is defined as the pounds of sand added per foot of lateral. Optimizing proppant intensity in unconventional reservoir applications with sand proppants and slickwater has become increasingly popular. Production modeling and the...
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